Frescmajos in Fruit Attraction

Frescmajos, we have been present at the 2018 edition of the Fruit Attaction fair in Madrid. For 3 days we have been able to greet customers and friends who have visited our stand, that one more year, its design has been the reflection of what we are: an small big company. In Frescmajos we know…

We start the campaign

These days, in FRESCMAJOS, we have started to work against the clock to guarantee the delivery of our fruit to its destination. This year a very good collection campaign is expected, the trees are at their best and the fruits are ready to start their journey to the final consumer.

Spectacular landscape

We welcome the new season of stone fruit with the fabulous landscape that the trees in bloom give us, one more year in FRESCMAJOS. All the flowered farms draw on the horizon an explosion of colors that make this moment one of the most beautiful of the year.

Fresc Majos at Fruit Attraction 2017

At last the time has come to plant ourselves in Madrid with our own stand in Ifema. This year Fresc Majos exhibited in Fruit Attraction and our intention is to capture the attention of the visitor, captivate with our spirit of family business but courageous and hardworking. We want to introduce ourselves and that our…

Bone fruit campaign

It is already, it seems that all the fruit already has a destination. We have selected among the best fruit harvests in the territory. Our specialties of stone fruit, peach, Paraguayan, nectarine, platerina are already in destination. We have already survived a more rfuta campaign.

We release image

In Fresc Majos we wanted to refresh a little bit our image and today we can boast of new brand design. A continuous image but with a renewed graphic line. With more vivid colors. Our intense blue and green, as it should be, green leaf. What do you think?