White Flat Peach

Red and pink with not much fuzz on the skin. Its flavour is exquisite, sweet and juicy. Its flesh is hard with a crisp texture.

VARIEDADES / VARIETIES: Carioca, Ufo 4, Flatpretty, Platibelle, Platifun, Galaxy, Flat Beauty, Sweet Cap, Plane Delicious, Plane Star, Flat Princess, Flat Queen, Flat September, Aurora, Flat Late, Alcatraz, Samantha, ASF 0795, ASF 0796, ASF 0798.

melocoton blanco-rojo-ok-07

Yellow Flat Peach

With little fuzz on the skin, a round shape and a unique appearance. It has hard flesh and is very resistant to handling and conservation. A very tasty peach with a crisp texture.

VARIEDADES / VARIETIES: Plane Gem, Plane Sun, Plane Gold, Plane Top.

melocoton blanco-rojo-ok-07