Yellow Nectarine

Smooth and shiny. Its intense red skin envelops a sweet yellow flesh, with a subtle acidic touch.

VARIEDADES / VARIETIES: Early Top, Big Bang, R-8, Extreme 28, Big Top, Honey Blaze, Honey Blue, Red Diamond, Extrem Delight, Nectareine, Nectaross, Nectapink, Extreme Sunny, Venus, Honey Royale, Nectagala, Big Nectared, Big Orange, Flamekist, Red Jim, Albared, Autumn Free, Nectadiva, Pp-100.


White Nectarine

Reddish skin and white tones, smooth to the touch, this white flesh nectarine is intensely sweet with a slightly acidic flavour.

VARIEDADES / VARIETIES: Early Silver, Queen Giant, R-22, Magic, Nectarjewel, Emeraude, Nectaperla, Zephir, Nectarcrisp, Early Silver, Caldesi 2020, R13, Lea, 0822.